How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

Regular servicing of your boiler is essential to keep it in good working order. This not only ensures the proper operation of your heating system but also improves safety and may increase the boiler's lifespan. Understanding the frequency of boiler servicing will help you avoid unexpected breakdowns and keep your system running at top performance. Here's an explanation of how often you should service your boiler.

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Recommended frequency of boiler servicing

how often should I service my boiler?

The typical suggestion for boiler servicing is once per year. Annual servicing is recommended to ensure that your boiler operates safely and effectively. This frequency guarantees that any wear and tear is detected early on before it becomes a larger, more expensive problem.

Reasons For Annual Servicing

  • Safety: Regular maintenance helps to avoid harmful situations like carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is odourless and colourless, making it difficult to detect without the necessary equipment. A professional service checks for leaks and confirms that all safety devices are functioning properly.
  • Efficiency: Over time, boilers can accumulate dust and other residues that reduce their efficiency. Cleaning these deposits is part of the servicing process, which helps to keep the boiler operating efficiently. An efficient boiler uses less fuel and reduces energy expenditures.
  • Preventing malfunctions: Regular maintenance can help to prevent many boiler malfunctions. During a service, engineers can identify and resolve minor issues that, if neglected, could develop into larger failures.
  • Warranty Requirements: Many boiler warranties demand proof of annual servicing to be valid. Regular servicing ensures that you remain compliant with these rules, which is critical for avoiding costs in the event of a breakdown.
  • Legal Requirements: In rental houses, all gas equipment, including boilers, must be routinely examined and certified by a skilled specialist to be in safe working order.

What Happens If You Don't Schedule Regular Servicing?

Skipping your regular boiler servicing can result in lower efficiency and higher fuel expenses. More importantly, it may indicate that potential leaks, defects, or hazardous concerns go unnoticed, posing major risks to those on the property. Furthermore, it may void warranties and insurance policies that cover boiler repairs.

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You should service your boiler regularly to ensure it operates efficiently for a long time. It’s best to hire a professional to service your boiler to ensure safety.

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