Central Heating Services in Dunmow, Bishops Stortford & Chelmsford

We are proud to offer central heating services throughout Essex including Dunmow, Bishops Stortford and Chelmsford.

We are Gas Safe registered, meaning we are fully qualified to carry out a range of central heating services. Whether you need installation, repairs or service checks, we have you covered! Find out more about our central heating services by calling us on 07956575049

central heating services in Dunmow, Bishop’s Stortford and Chelmsford

Our Heating Services

Central Heating Installations

From full central heating installations to radiator installations, we can help you. With plenty of experience and qualifications at hand, you can be assured that you are in safe hands with us here at He@Heating Limited. Browse through our previous central heating installation services by heading over to our gallery page

Central Heating System Repairs

If you have noticed that your central heating is not working properly, we can help get it up and running like it used to. So if you are experiencing a radiator breakdown or would like help getting your hot water running again, speak to us today! Find out how you can get in touch by viewing our contact details down below. 

Central Heating Service Checks

Ensure that you do not experience a central heating system breakdown by ensuring you get an annual service check booked in. This will help ensure that your central heating system is running efficiently and safely. It will also prevent any breakdowns as all issues are identified and fixed earlier.

Our customers have plenty to say about our central heating services, head over to our reviews page and read through the reviews they have left. 

Signs You Need Central Heating Services

Uneven Heating Throughout Your Property:

Uneven heating distribution in your home is one of the telltale symptoms that your central heating system needs maintenance. If you find that some rooms are always cooler than others, there can be a problem with your radiators or the system's overall effectiveness. Our central heating services are capable of recognising and resolving these problems, guaranteeing that your property is adequately heated throughout.

Strange Noises from the Boiler

If your boiler is making strange noises, such as whistling, gurgling, or pounding, these could be signs of deeper issues. Sludge accumulation, malfunctioning parts, or trapped air in the system could all be the cause of these noises. 

Our heating engineers in Chelmsford, Saffron Walden, Bishop Stortford, Dunmow, and the nearby areas will thoroughly inspect your system to find and fix any problems that are causing noise.

Fluctuating Boiler Pressure

Boiler pressure must remain constant for central heating systems to operate at their best. Variations in pressure could indicate an expansion vessel problem, a leak, or a malfunctioning pressure release valve. During our central heating services, our qualified professionals can identify and fix pressure-related issues, ensuring that your system maintains the proper pressure for effective heating.

Cold Radiators Despite Hot Water

If your hot water supply is operating properly but your radiators stay cold, there might be a circulation issue with your central heating system. Possible causes of this problem include sludge accumulation, airlocks, or broken pumps. Our central heating services ensure consistent warmth throughout your house by clearing debris from the system, bleeding radiators, and fixing pump problems.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills suddenly climb without a matching increase in usage, it may indicate that your central heating system is not working as efficiently as it should. Issues like a broken boiler, inadequate insulation, or a defective thermostat could be the cause of this inefficiency. 

Our heating engineers in Bishop Stortford, Dunmow, Chelmsford, Saffron Walden, and the surrounding areas will inspect your system and find the problem.

Age of the System

Your central heating system may be less efficient and more prone to malfunctions if it is getting close to or past the acceptable lifespan. To prolong the life of your heating system and guarantee continuing dependable performance, regular central heating services become essential for older systems. These services help to detect and address possible problems before they become more serious.

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