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When it comes to maintaining the warmth and comfort of your home, a properly functioning boiler is essential. It is essential to service your heating system regularly to prevent unexpected failures and preserve energy efficiency. At He@Heating, our heating engineers in Bishops Stortford are here to help every step of the way. Simply call us on 07956575049 to book a boiler service with us.

Why is boiler service important?

Regular boiler maintenance is required to ensure that your heating system operates safely and effectively. During a service, a qualified heating engineer Bishops Stortford inspects and maintains the boiler's various components, identifying and promptly addressing any potential problems. By scheduling routine boiler maintenance, you can prevent unexpected failures, increase energy efficiency, and lengthen the boiler's lifespan.

Signs that indicated your boiler needs servicing 

No hot water or heat

Check if the pilot light on the boiler is on or if the system has sufficient pressure. If these are not the issues, it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

Strange noises

Banging, whistling, or gurgling noises could indicate limescale buildup, air in the system, or defective components. A qualified heating engineer can help diagnose and resolve the issue.


This can be caused by a defective pressure valve, a damaged seal, or internal corrosion. It is essential that a professional address the issue immediately.

Pilot light continues going out

This may signify a defective gas supply issue. A qualified gas engineer can identify the exact reason and perform the necessary repairs to get it working safely again.

Radiators not heating evenly

This may be due to air confined in the system or dirt accumulation. Bleeding the radiators or purging the system with high-pressure water can help resolve these issues.

How much does a boiler service in Bishops Stortford cost?

The cost of boiler service in Bishops Stortford can vary based on a number of factors, including location, boiler type, and service provider. A basic boiler service can cost between £70 and £120 on average. However, prices may differ based on the system's complexity and the need for additional restorations or maintenance.

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